Royal B Pest Control

All Creatures Great and Small, We Protect Against Them All

Wildlife Control

    While wildlife can be very pleasant to watch and have around, it can also become a large and dangerous problem. Different creatures can carry many different types of disease and parasites. These diseases and parasites can be transmitted through feces, biting, or just through touching. please remember that wild animals are wild animals. As much as we think that they are friendly or harmless, we must remember that they are not. All animals can be or become dangerous when they feel threatened or are injured. That chance is multiplied when the animal is wild. It is ok and sometimes good to have wildlife around your home or office as long as they are respected and treated with caution. All wildlife can become a pest. When you call us we will remove that pest or help you protect yourself from them, whichever you prefer. We use many different methods to remove wildlife, the most common being live trapping. If the animal poses no health risk (such as rabies) then we strive to catch and relocate the animal.

Snake control

    Snakes come in venomous and nonvenomous forms. Even though nonvenomous snakes can be good to have around, many customers want them gone. We provide snake removal no matter what type it is. If you want them gone then we will make sure they are gone. We not only provide snake removal, but we also offer snake barriers. Just let us know what kind of services you would like provided. If you see a snake, please just call us immediately. Do not try to kill of capture it. It is hard to tell from a distance if the snake is poisonous or not and you do not want to take that chance.

Can you tell the difference. One is a cottonmouth(venomous) and one is a kingsnake(non venomous)

Nuisance Wildlife Removal

     Many different kinds of nuisance wildlife exist and each provides a different problem. We live trap and remove all types including squirrel, raccoon, opossum, armadillo, beaver, muskrat, groundhog, foxes and many more. We will check every trap within 24 hrs to ensure that no animal gets trapped and suffers. Sometimes our live traps can catch non target animals. If this happens we will discuss with you what you would like done. We can remove the animal and reset the traps or if you would like we can release that animal at no charge to you and reset the trap for the target animal.

Bird and Bat Control

     Birds can be fun to watch and feed or they can become pests that are hard to get rid of. They can become protective of their nests to the point of causing injury. Bird dropping cause unsightly structural defacing and provide unpleasant smells. The best method when dealing with birds is to exclude them from any buildings. When not dealing with structures to exclude them from then we can set up traps and provide frightening techniques.

     Bats can be a frightening pest to have. They need to be removed from any buildings that you frequent and live in. Night time exclusion is the best practice when dealing with bats. It is best to force them to move on and then seal up any entrances they might use to get back in. Bats should not be removed by killing them. Even though they do have diseases that can transmit to humans (such as rabies), this is uncommon and can easily be avoided. Bats will eat their body weight in mosquitoes and bugs every night. This is why relocation and not destruction is done whenever possible.