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General Pest

     Our services for general pest treatments go above and beyond what many other companies do. We will provide you with a 6ft barrier around your home. This barrier will eliminate any pests attempting to enter your home, including spiders, ants, roaches, silverfish, crickets, and fleas. We will also check inside and spot spray where needed. All of our services are guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Spider Treatment

     Spiders come in all different colors and sizes, but the two that cause the most concern are the Fiddle back (Brown Recluse) and the Black Widow. If you see these spiders around your house you should call us immediately. These two spiders can cause severe bite reactions and can possibly be fatal. Like with a general pest spray, we will give you a barrier and spot spray spiders or webs we find. Even though most spiders do not pose a deadly threat, they are still pests that we will eliminate from your home or office.

Fiddle back (Brown Recluse)

Black Widow

Roach Treatment

    Roach infestations can come out of nowhere and pose numerous health and safety concerns. Roach's have many health and respiratory problems associated with them. They will cause mild to severe asthma especially in children and elderly adults. As soon as you start to see them, call us. Roaches protect themselves by staying hidden, but when the amount of roaches grow too numerous for the food around them you will start to see them out during the day. When this happens you are looking at either a large infestation or one on the verge of becoming large. Our treatments for infestation vary upon the severity of the infestation. Our goal is to eliminate 70% on the very first visit. We will design an attack plan for your home with a combination of baits and sprays to ensure we eliminate every roach. The sooner we can achieve this the sooner we can provide you with a clean and safe environment. 

Flea and Tick Treatment

     Fleas and ticks are a reoccurring problem every year. It is always better to head off these pests before they get a good hold on your property. We treat for fleas and ticks before a problem starts. If you already have a problem, then just remember that it is never too late to eliminate any problem. A good treatment outside will usually take care of the problem unless you have kids or a pet that goes from indoor to outdoor frequently. In this case we will need to spot treat inside. Upon inspection we will recommend measures you can take to keep fleas outside of your home.

Stinging insects: Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

     There are many different kinds of stinging insects. The most commonly seen are bees and wasps. We provide a straightforward and thorough service for these pests. The best way to eliminate the problem and any future problems is to find the nests and remove them along with the inhabitants. If the inhabitants are removed but not the nest then other problems can occur. These are usually either a reoccurance of the problem pest or another type of pest will move in. These other pests range from other stinging insects to ants or from roaches to beetles. If you see any swarms or nest, we advise against approaching them. Call us immediately. Many of these stinging insects can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in anyone stung. Do not take that chance, let us do it for you.




Rodent Control

     Rodents cause many problems in many ways. They defecate everywhere and on

everything causing diseases to easily be transferred to humans and pets. Their feces and parasites can transmit salmonellosis, rickettsialpox, and lymphocytic choriomenspirosis. They can also carry leprosy, ratbite fever, tapeworms, and ringworms. All of these can be very serious. Rodents also cause a wide range of structural problems. The leading one being that they love to chew electrical wires. Frayed or chewed wires along with nests are the leading cause of all house fires in the US. The faster we can start to deal with rodent problems will minimize their destruction.